Ritual, Star of Sowing Seeds


Ritual, Star of Sowing Seeds
Sumak Kawsay


Andean; indigenous people; rituals (events); ceremonies; dedications (ceremonies)


This project was funded by Bernard and Anne Spitzer Travel Fellowship for research projects involving travel abroad and incorporating the study of architecture, landscape architecture, or urbanism.
Sumak Kawsay means Good Living in the Kichwa language. It guides a harmonious life through egalitarian principles related to community and reciprocity. According to the Andean Cosmovision (the world view of the indigenous people of the Andes region); nature, mankind, and Pachamama (mother earth), are one whole cosmic family that is perpetually related. Within this spectrum transcendental elements form the fundamental bases of an indigenous society. It was my intention to return to my roots in Ecuador and experience this form of thought. From my experience I was able to conclude that Sumak Kawsay is manifested in the coexistence between all beings. Within the Kichwa community it is manifested through the solidarity and reciprocity held in daily activities.


Delgado, Michael
Pilatuña, Jaime


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Michael Delgado


Humanities and Social Sciences




Cotama, Otavalo, Ecuador




Delgado, Michael and Pilatuña, Jaime, “Ritual, Star of Sowing Seeds,” Spitzer School of Architecture, accessed July 24, 2024, http://digitalscholarship.ccny.cuny.edu/architecture/items/show/758.

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