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This 1855 notice advertises a large slave auction that was to take place at Bank's Place (J. A. Beard and May auctioneers) on Magazine Street, on February 27, during the high season in New Orleans.

This display discusses the separation of space in the yard at the Nathaniel Russell House. A fence would have literally divided the formal pleasure garden from the rear utilitarian spaces.

This graffiti reads "Black Lives Matter!!!"

Although the guided tour does not focus much, if at all, on slavery, the waiting area before the tour has a small exhibit about slave life in the Nathaniel Russel House, including this display.

This painting by Clementine Hunter was done in 1950. Hunter was a self-taught African American folk artist who lived and worked on the Melrose Plantation, a mecca for the arts. Her work depicts slave life in the early 20th century.

This display opened an exhibit on slavery in New Orleans. Seen is an auction block, on which slaves would have stood during slaves auctions, such as that which is depicted in the central illustration. That illustration, by William Henry Brooke,…

This display is a continuation of the exhibit on the lives of the enslaved that began in the waiting area of the house. This is not part of the guided tour, however.

McLeod Plantation today is an important preserved Gullah/Geechee heritage site that presents in equal part the stories of the whites and blacks who lived there. The main house is not the focal point of the tour. This display which welcomes visitors…

At Drayton Hall, this is one of the oldest African American cemeteries still in use; it dates to the 1790s. Here lie at least 40 people, with both marked and unmarked graves. It was dedicated as a memorial in 2010, and the wrought-iron arch was…

The African American Family Monument was dedicated in 2002, and stands on River Street. It has an inscription by Maya Angelou, however, the last line in that inscription was not written by Angelou herself. There was a lot of controversy about this…
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