Lara Gelband and Jean Michel (scientist at the Entomological Museum in Leon)


Lara Gelband and Jean Michel (scientist at the Entomological Museum in Leon)
Nicaragua Canal




Spoke with Jean Michel for a couple of hours covering his work with the Nicaraguan government and issues relating to the Canal, as well as more general discussion regarding the country.
This project was funded by Bernard and Anne Spitzer Travel Fellowship for research projects involving travel abroad and incorporating the study of architecture, landscape architecture, or urbanism.
In late January 2014, Chinese investment group HKND announced plans to cut a 286 kilometer long and 83 meter wide canal across Nicaragua from the Pacific to the Atlantic. 2014-15 is potentially the last chance to document the Nicaraguan landscape from the Pacific to the Atlantic, along the canal route, before construction begins. There are many questions that I aim to gain perspective on from this trip. 1. What is Nicaragua now, and what might it become? 2. How do the locals feel about the canal? 3. How might tourism be impacted by the canal? 4. What might the viewsheds of the future become for Lake Nicaragua and the Pacific coast?


Gelband, Lara


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Lara Gelband




Leon, Nicaragua





Gelband, Lara, “Lara Gelband and Jean Michel (scientist at the Entomological Museum in Leon),” Spitzer School of Architecture, accessed July 22, 2024,

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