Landscape & Memory

Landscape & Memory By Filipp Blyakher

The study of landscape and memory is, fundamentally, a deep and engrossing scholarly undertaking. My ambitions in exploring the conditions in which memory and landscape interact is the conception of my fellowship proposal. It is not intended to be finalization or a liberal conclusion to research I expect to extend into the future years of academic study.

I chose to study Holocaust Memorials due to the range of projects, approaches in design aesthetic, and reactions. The projects, as suggested by supplemented text, demonstrate how architecture can, is, should be, and could be integrated into our understanding of landscape. Issues of symbolism, perfection, and procession will be assessed along site -defintion of landscapes is modified by historic events and memories.

I hope to raise awareness about how architecture can be more effective in relating to landscape: history and memory. Since site retain the ruin and intervention of human culture, it is important to understand how to bridge the past, present, and future.