Additional Videos

Here is a list of various YouTube performances of Bach’s Air from His Orchestral Suite No. 3. This composition from the early 18th century is so gorgeous that innumerable musicians want to play it again and again in the 21st century.

Original Instruments (nonet)
The Classical Jazz Quartet Plays Bach Air
A. Siloti (piano)
Anne Akiko Meyers (violin and piano)
BBC Proms 2010 (string orchestra)
Per-Olov Kindgren (guitar)
David Garrett (violin and ensemble)
Two Cellos

Electric Guita

Bobby McFerrin (vocal)

Pipe Organ

Andrew Huang G-strings

Philip Achille Harmonica
Sergei Nakariakov (Fluegelhorn and strings)
Libera (vocal)
Maurice Andre (trumpet and organ)
Stijepo Gled Markos (voice and strings)

Metal version

Classics Meet Cuba

Salsa/ Sverre Indris Joner